“Through my work at Sapna I am able to help the women in my community. So for me, Sapna isn’t just a place where our community members can realize their dreams, it is also a place where I can realize one of my dreams as well.” Nahida, Community Health Worker


Why Work for us?

At Sapna, we see ourselves as part of the community we serve, looking to preserve the culture, while supporting vulnerable populations and tackling issues that push our people into isolation, poor health, and poverty.  We are committed to working towards building a just and equitable society that celebrates the strength and beauty of its immigrant communities. As a community-based organization that works on the ground, Sapna staff are able to directly impact the lives of the women and families we serve.

Our Work Culture

Sapna’s staff is a tight-knit group that believes in supporting and lifting each other up. We are passionate about the work we do and are dedicated to the fight for social justice. We believe in building community, whether it’s over birthday cake, a cup of chai, or a three-legged race.

Sapna staff, management, and Board of Directors are reflective of the population we serve, made up of South Asians, with fluency in English, Bengali, Hindi, Sylheti, and Urdu, as well as proficiency in Spanish, Arabic, and French.


Sapna NYC offers a competitive compensation and benefits package, commensurate with experience and within the parameters of the Sapna NYC compensation scale. This includes a generous vacation and sick leave package.

Current Openings: 

  • Part-Time Counselor 

Mental health and the stigma surrounding it are a significant issue in the South Asian community. With a new partnership and grant with Asian American Federation, Sapna NYC is broadening our mental health services and programs, using both a standard clinical approach and a more traditional cultural approach to offer multiple ways in which our community can seek help and support. The pandemic has placed a heavy mental burden on our community including loss and grief, isolation, extreme fear, economic instability, food insecurity, and prolonged life-threatening illness. While NYC is working to expand mental health messaging and services, the South Asian community is often missed in these campaigns. Without an intermediary and amplifier that has an existing relationship with the community, like Sapna NYC, these messages and services never reach low-income, low digital literacy, and low English proficient immigrant communities.

The counselor position is a contract part-time position to run from mid-February 2021 to January 14th  2022. The position requires 20 hours/week. The position will start virtually, but may require some in-person sessions at our offices in the Bronx.

To learn more or to apply, view our job posting on Indeed. Please include a resume and cover letter with your application.

  • Yoga/Wellness Instructor

We recognize that physical and mental health are intertwined and that we often hold trauma and stress in our bodies. South Asian culture has a longstanding history of practicing yoga as a spiritual, physical, and emotional tool. As such, our yoga and mindfulness program will both educate our community on the connection between mental and physical health, as well as teach methods of breathing, meditation, stretching, and yoga that help release some of the tension we hold. This will be paired with group conversation and support around trauma to be co-facilitated by the yoga instructor and counselor. This is particularly important given that COVID-19 has had huge impacts on our community, and we are seeing that manifest in different ways in their overall physical health.

The yoga and wellness instructor will be responsible for planning and teaching activity sessions that blend both physical and mental health. The position requires the instructor to be flexible with teaching in-person and virtually. The instructor will be working 4 hours per/week, which includes three hours of instruction time and one hour of planning and reporting. Start date of mid-late February.

To learn more or to apply, view our job posting on Indeed. Please include a resume and cover letter with your application.

  • Community Outreach Intern

Sapna NYC is working with the Asian American Federation to address the issue of mental health and the stigma surrounding it in the South Asian community. Sapna NYC will be broadening our mental health services and programming, as well as creating services that directly address how COVID-19 is impacting the mental health of our community.

Our outreach interns will be responsible for creating and disseminating culturally and linguistically accessible materials. They will establish and maintain relationships with key stakeholders in the community and will take the lead on outreach activities and workshops. The intern will work 30-40 hours per month (8-10 hours/week). Start date of mid-February.

To learn more or to apply, view our job posting on Indeed. Please include a resume and cover letter with your application.